It won’t be right away, since I have a few other doodles to finish and some personal stuff going on, but in the next few months I’m going to start working on an “Inquisitor Pool Party” doodle and I’d like to include as many Inquisitors as I can handle.

The art isn’t going to be anything spectacular. The Inquisitors’ll most likely be in this style:


So if you’d like to see your Inquisitor joining in on the fun, reblog with some details, such as your Inquistor’s name, what you’d like to see them doing at the pool (swimming, attacking someone with a squirt gun, cooking at the grill), and after a week or so I’ll get back to you via fanmail or ask to get more details if I need them.

If this gets a large enough response I may not be able to include all of the Inquisitors that are named, but I’ll try my best. Please don’t be offended if you have one of the later reblogs and your Inquisitor doesn’t make it on the list. :(

Fuckyeahcullen, Momochanners, Officialvarrictethras, Dextronoms, and Deliciouspineapple’s Inquizzies are already going to be in the picture. (As well as Countessnoir and Eikes-jacket if they’ve got Inquizzies planned that they’d like me to include. <3)

I know it’s not gonna be anything fancy, but I’m looking forward to throwing all of your Inquisitors together!

aw this seems like such a cute idea! if its too late thats okay, but I’ll toss my quizzy’s name in just case. Avan Lavellan, male elf rogue, I have lots of refs of him, and he’d probably be shoving as many unwilling people in the pool as possible


why can’t people dislike a ship just because??? like why does there always need to be some deep philosophical feminist moralistic progressive reasoning behind it? i am allowed to hate a fictional relationship just because i think it’s stupid and it irritates me ok?

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cr1tikal is gonna be on his death bed and his last words are probably going to be a monotonous, sarcastic “well fuck my asshole”

"I’m done playing this. Well that’s the end of my life. Remember to rate my life, comment my life, and subscribe if you want to see lives similar to this one. See ya." ::dies::

In a nearby maternity ward, a baby is born. The doctors gather, clearing its lungs of fluid, waiting for its first squalling cries of life…

"Hey what up everybody it’s Cr1tikal and this time I’m playing Reincarnation let’s do this shit”

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